We encourage your questions. Here are top questions from investors like you.

1. What is EasyTradez app and how do I get it?

2. Why EasyTradez for Intraday traders?

3. Why EasyTradez for New comers?

4. What is the Benefits of Easy Tradez?

5. How is EasyTradez different from other stock brokers?

6. I do not understand stocks. Can EasyTradez guide me?

7. Who can open an Easytradez Trading Account?

1. How do I open an account with EasyTradez?

2. How much time does it take to open a Demat account?

3. What Are the Account Opening charges? And how will I pay them?

4. What is in-person verification (IPV)?

5. Do I need to sign any documents?

6. Can I link my existing demat account with EasyTradez?

7. How will I know my Trading Account has been opened?

8. What if I am in college and wish to invest my pocket money, will I need my parent’s signature?

9. What is Power of Attorney (POA)? Is it compulsory?

10. What kind of Accounts do I need to open for online trade?

11. What documents should I keep handy?

12. What documents will be required for activating Derivative Segment?

13. Do I need to keep any minimum balance for running this account?

14. How long does it take to activate my account for trading?

15. What is 2-in-1 account?

16. What do you mean by KRA and KYC, And what is does?

17. Who can carry-out in-person verification?

18. My account is blocked. What do I do? / How to unblock my account?

19. Can I have multiple DEMAT and Trading account?

20. Can I have multiple bank accounts linked to trading account?

21. What are the options available to share the documents?

1. What are the market timings?

2. What are pre market and post market sessions and orders?

3. I’ve bought shares but its not showing up in my holdings, why?

4. What does normal settlement mean?

5. I’m not able to buy a stock on EASYTRADEZ even though its trading on the exchange?

6. What do the different groups on NSE and BSE mean?

7. Why do Futures & Option scrips enter ban period, what does it mean?

8. What does circuit limits i.e price bands mean?

9. How do I rollover a F&O position in ban period?

10. What are Open interest limits?

11. What does De-listing of a stock mean?

12. Why is my order not getting executed even though its been placed successfully?

13. What is the impact of Corporate actions on futures and options?

14. What does the different types of flag mean in activity log?

15. What does the different types of error flag mean in order book?

16. Why is my order getting rejected?

17. Can I buy and sell shares across the two exchanges?

18. How do I verify the trades I’ve taken at the exchange?

19. Are NRIs taxed on their income earned in India?

20. Why did my order get executed at different price points?

21. Why do I get an SMS and email from NSE, BSE when I trade?

22. Can I do an arbitrage trade between the two exchanges?

23. What are Bid Price and Ask Price?

24. What does Last Traded Price (LTP) mean?

25. What are the platforms available for Trading?

26. What are the different products available for trading?

27. Can I start trading as soon as my account is opened?

28. Can I trade after markets are closed?

29. What does Intraday and Delivery mean?

30. What is Day & IOC validity type?

31. What are Regular and AMO orders?

32. What is Market Depth?

33. What is MIS Order and what are its uses?

34. What is CNC order and what are its uses?

35. What is NRML order and what are its uses?

36. What does Last Traded Price (LTP) mean?

37. Does EasyTradez offer automated trading (algorithmic trading) for retail investors in India?

38. How do I see my portfolio?

39. What are the segments and exchanges offered by EasyTradez ?

40. What are the instruments can I invest in?

41. What do the different group on BSE mean?

42. What do the different series on NSE means?

1. What are the different brokerage plans available?

2. Can I Change my Brokerage Plan?

3. What benefits I will get, if I opt for monthly-unlimited plan?

4. How do I view my subscription plan?

1. What is Watchlist?

2. How to create new Watchlist in Easytradez mobile app?

3. How to delete the Watchlist from Easytradez mobile app?

4. How to add the scrips in the watchlist?

5. How to delete the scrips from the watchlist?

6. How to buy/sell from Easytradez app?

7. What does margin available and margin used mean?

8. What is span and exposure margin?

9. What is disclosed quantity feature and how to use it?

10. What is the market depth screen and how do I view it?

11. What is IOC orders?

12. What is Collateral Margin?

13. Where can I see my pending orders?

14. Where can I see executed order?

15. How to modify and cancel my orders?

16. How to convert my shares MIS/CNC to CNC/MIS?

1. Can I transfer funds from my trading account?

2. How to transfer fund from bank account to trading account from Easytradez App?

3. How to withdraw fund from Easytradez?

4. How long does it take for funds to reflect in my bank account?

5. How do I link my existing Demat account?

6. How do I link multiple bank accounts in my existing EasyTradez Account?

7. How much amount can i withdraw from my account ?

8. Can I withdraw money from my trading account ?

9. What is the process of transferring money from trading to saving account ?

10. Is there a limit for fund transfer ?

11. Can I transfer my fund to trading account with en-number of banks?

12. How much time it will take to transfer money from saving to trading account?

13. How to check the status of the funds that I have transferred to my trading account?

14. How do I check my account Ledger?

1. What do you mean by Brokerage?

2. What is Securities Transaction Tax (STT) / Commodities Transaction Tax (CTT)?

3. What is Exchange Transaction Charges?

4. What are the SEBI Charges for trading in the stock market?

5. What is AMC (Annual maintenance charges)?

6. What is Stamp charges?

7. What are the GST rate for trading in the stock market?

8. What do DP (Depository participant) charges mean?

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